Casa Alto Vidigal

Casa Alto Vidigal


The Austrian owner of Casa Alto Vidigal may have had his sights on being the owner of one of the most unique guesthouse locations in Rio, but he inadvertently stumbled upon one of the coolest club locations in the process. Casa Alto Vidigal stands as a new point of the night in Rio. After dark this place really fires up, with the likes of DigitalDubs, Botafogo Social Club and dubsteppers Wobble making the most of the outdoor terrace. And when the sun comes up over the Atlantic Ocean and Zona Sul glows down below, it rivals any Ibiza club for that special moment. The first parties together 200 people, but then doubled that amount of heads and, today, parties take over 500 heads there. To get there take a van or motorbike up from the bottom of the community and if in doubt ask for arvrão - the big tree - and pretty much everyone seems to know it, as will you when you see it.


Rua Armando de Almeida Lima 2, Mirante do Arvrao, Rio de Janeiro


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+55 (21) 3322 3034, +55 (21) 98741 3036