Jardim Botânico

Jardim Botânico


The botanical Garden, located in the neighbourhood of the same name, boast more than 8000 species in 137 hectares. It’s situated at the heart of the city’s South Zone and founded in 1808 by the Portuguese King Dom João VI. Nowadays it’s one of Rio’s most popular tourist destinations.

Highlights are the statues of Eco and Narciso by Mestre Valentim, and of the Greek goddess Thetis, exhibited int he Frei Leandro lake. Other features include the gateway to the Academy of Fine Arts, designed by Grandjean de Montigny; and the Japanese Garden, created in 1935 following the donation of 65 native plant species from Japan.

The Botanical Gardens are also a birdwatcher’s paradise and an excellent place to simple stroll at leisure, soaking up the peace and tranquility.


Rua Jardim Botânico, 1008 - Jardim Botânico


(21) 3874-1808

Opening Hours

Daily, 8am-5pm (6pm in the summer)


6 BRL - Free entry for: children up to age 7 and adults over 60 residents of Brazil and other Mercosur countries.