Parque Nacional da Tijuca

Parque Nacional da Tijuca


Rio de Janeiro is home to the world’s largest urban forest, the Floresta da Tijuca national park. The Tijuca National Park is a vast expanse of wilderness divided into the following three linked sectors:

Floresta da Tijuca Sector: Pico da Tijuca is a 1,022m climb that starts from the car park at Bom Retiro. The walk to Pico da Tijuca is an hour’s walk to the broad and flat summit. A great trail wit marvelous views on top!

Serra da Carioca Sector: The Serra da Carioca Sector, stretching from Alto da Boa Vista eastwards to Santa Teresa and south, is home to Corcovado and its statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Pedra Bonita/ Pedra da Gávea Sector: This sector is situated between Alto da Boa Vista and Barra da Tijuca. The iconic flat-topped mountain Pedra da Gávea can be climbed on a trail which begins at the end of Estrada Sorimá behind Barra da Tijuca.


Estrada da Cascatinha, 850 - Alto da Boa Vista


(21) 2492-2252

Opening Hours

Open Daily, 8am-5pm (6pm in the summer)

How to arrive

Main access: Afonso Viseu Square, Alto da Boa Vista. To get up the Estrada do Alto, going to Barra da Tijuca (Avenida Edson Passos) or to Tijuca (Estrada das Furnas).

Observation: The Almas Waterfall, spot free for swimming in this sector, it’s approximately 3 kilometers from the Park entrance.