Rio Scenarium

Rio Scenarium


Rio Scenarium - Pavilhão da Cultura is one of several nightlife options in Pólo Cultural Novo Rio Antigo. Rio Scenarium owes its success to great live Brazilian music and one of the most unusual and attractive ambiences in Rio de Janeiro. Four buildings were joined to create this spacious bar. The two top floors overlook the dance floor and stage at ground level, allowing you to talk to friends without shouting and still listen to the music. Antiques are everywhere. There are collections of all kinds - clocks, scooters, radios, mannequins - lining every wall and corner. Bands return on a regular basis, and some favorites like Velha Guarda de Vila Isabel bring even larger crowds than usual. The laidback bar and casa de shows attracts a mix of locals and foreigners.


Rua Lavradio 20 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro


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